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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnobirthing Classes in Gippsland

  • What benefits do hypnobirthing classes offer in comparison to others?
    Hypnobirthing classes focus on the premise that a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby, experiencing a straight-forward and uncomplicated pregnancy, should be able to calmly birth her child naturally without the need for unnecessary medical interventions. With the understanding that extreme labour pain is caused by the learned fear of childbirth (which naturally releases constrictor hormones when we are faced with perceived danger), expecting women can learn the skill of remaining relaxed within an intense environment. This will allow the release of our natural pain relief, like endorphins and oxytocin, which make us feel good and can be 20x more effective than morphine.
  • Should I still attend the antenatal class at my hospital?
    This comes down to your personal preference. Hypnobirthing classes are very comprehensive and cover all aspects of childbirth education. Hospital antenatal classes often cover a lot more detailed information about medical interventions and procedures during birth. Some parents choose not to attend their local antenatal class, particualry if they want to completely embrace hypnobirthing as their chosen form of childbirth education. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to rely on your own mind and perfectly capable body during labour. So that you can birth your child naturally in a drug-free environment, rather than learning the ways in which medical interventions can help. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and can help you make informed decisions, which hypnobirthing is all about. For some parents, this includes attending an antenatal class held at their local hospital, along with a privately run hypnobirthing class. There is no “wrong” or “right” way to inform yourself about childbirth, it’s about what makes you feel informed and empowered to bring your baby into the world the way you want.
  • Who should I bring to class with me?
    Bring yourself and your birth partner. You're birth partner is someone who you choose to attend your birth with you. They should be a person you trust and who knows you well. They are the person you feel will best support you during you labour and birth. This could be your spouse, mother, doula, sister, friend etc. You are also welcome to come on your own if you prefer.
  • Will hypnobirthing be useful for me even if I don't opt for a vaginal birth?
    Yes. Hypnobirthing practices are not for the sole purpose of achieving a vaginal birth. Through hypnobirthing classes you will learn relaxation skills that will be of benefit to you and your baby, regardless of the path your birthing journey takes or what you choose. Using these techniques, you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control. It is often reported that hypnobirthing mothers who have scheduled caesareans say that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Hypnobirthing isn't about the type of birth you have, it's about remaining in the driver's seat of your own birth and facing each turn calmly, informed and in control.
  • How will my birth partner be involved?
    Surrounding yourself with support from your birth partner is an integral part of hypnobirthing. Your birthing partner will be by your side throughout your hypnobirthing journey. They will be an active participant through each class and assist you in learning and practicing the techniques that are taught through classes. During your labour, they are your support helping to keep you hydrated while assisting with various positive suggestions, hypnosis prompts and birthing techniques. They are also your voice through labour, helping you to communicate your birthing intentions. They also provide comfort measures within the birthing suite and can join in on the celebrations of welcoming the new bundle of joy.
  • What if my care providers are not familiar with hypnobirthing?
    Hypnobirthing is becoming more known by care providers and the benefits it offers. Take the opportunity early in your pregnancy to discuss with your care provider your intention to use hypnobirthing during your labour. If they are not aware of hypnobirthing, discuss the techniques you will be using and the type of environment you expect for your birth. During your classes, you will learn how to easily communicate your desired outcomes to your midwives and obstetrician through your Birth Preferences.
  • I've heard you expereince a pain-free birth using hypnobirthing... where do I sign up?
    Contrary to popular belief, hypnobirthing does not promise a painless birthing experience. Birth is hard work, there is no question about it ... but the rewards are so great. Just like any physical activity, you must prepare your body and mind for endurance, to rise to the challenges and deliver the outcome you want. When we watch athletes perform on the field, it's common to see players unphased by physical discomforts or injuries until after the game. They have one goal in mind during the game ... to win ... and they have been preparing their body (and mind) in the lead up until now and everything else will become second to this. Our preparation for birth involves training our mind and body to relax into birth. This relaxed state will help your body to produce more endorphins, nature's own pain relief. Although mother's still report the feeling of tightening or pressure, they describe their experiences as working with their muscles through the sensations. By going with your body's natural process, women often avoid the extreme pain that is frequently discussed by women who have prepared for their birth in a different way.
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