Get to know The Positive Birth Place
and the Philosophy behind the business


Courtney Hellings, Director


The Positive Birth Place

The Positive Birth Place is an Online Booking Service and Directory featuring local Gippsland maternity service providers. The Positive Birth Place seeks to educate parents about their options for birth and connects them to the best practitioners in the areas of pregnancy, birth and postnatal services.

Courtney Hellings started The Positive Birth Place with the belief that every parent deserves a positive birth experience and introduction to parenthood. Courtney is also passionate about serving business owners in the feild of maternity services, which are predominately female-lead. Supporting them to achieve increased brand awareness and business growth.

Having studied business and worked in marketing for the past ten years, Courtney’s life has been committed to connecting with a wide range of people and understanding their needs. She is also a qualified a Childbirth Educator and certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner.


Connection, Education, Empowerment

"In my experience as a Childbirth Educator, when speaking with the parents who attended my classes, I quickly realised that education and support surrounding pregnancy, birth and post-natal services were not so commonly known or easily found.

There are parents-to-be who are often unaware of the varied and extremely helpful services available to them. The Positive Birth Place is a website that seeks to educate these parents about what is out there and connect them to highly skilled and specialised services and practitioners.

My experience and skills in marketing, through the online and digital space, allows me to connect parents with the best Services Providers in their local region. My goal is to provide a "one-stop-shop" platform for parents to find, review and book the specialists they need in order to achieve a positive experience in early parenthood."

If you would like to list your business with The Positive Birth Place, send an email to hello@thepositivebirthplace.com.au

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