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Get to know The Positive Birth Place
and the Philosophy behind the business


Courtney Hellings, Director


The Positive Birth Place

Welcome to The Positive Birth Place, your go-to Directory for all things related to pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care in Gippsland. Our mission is to empower parents with knowledge and connect them with the best practitioners in the field.

Meet Courtney Hellings, the passionate force behind The Positive Birth Place. As a mum of three, Courtney personally experienced the transformative power of a positive birth and wants every parent to have that same incredible journey into parenthood. With a background in business and marketing, Courtney brings her expertise to support fellow female-led maternity service businesses, helping them thrive and reach more families.

With a decade of experience in connecting with diverse individuals and understanding their unique needs, Courtney is dedicated to making your journey to parenthood a truly unforgettable and joyful experience.


Connection, Education, Empowerment

"Discovering the right support and resources for pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That's why The Positive Birth Place is here to bridge the gap!


I'm on a mission to connect parents-to-be with the amazing and diverse range of services available to them. As a marketing expert in the online realm, I bring the best of digital connectivity to ensure you find the perfect service providers in your local area.


With The Positive Birth Place, we're your "one-stop-shop" platform for discovering, reviewing, and booking the services that will make your early parenthood journey positively incredible."


To list your business, drop us an email at Let's create a supportive community together!

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