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Bump to Bourne

Kylie Bourne provides caring, informative and skilled support as a qualified Doula based in Rosedale, Gippsland. Offering birth and post partum care, Kylie supports you during labour and provides postnatal services such as newborn care recommendations, light home duties and helping to process your recent birth experience (birth debrief) and any questions you may have as new parents.

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About Bump to Bourne

Kylie is a mother of three children and is no stranger to life after pregnancy and birth. This includes transitioning into life with round the clock care for your little one, managing new sibling relationships, visits from loved ones and post-birth appointments. Kylie’s knowledgeable, empathetic, and caring nature will bring a sense of assurance, organisation and support to you and your partner. She also provides a safe space to talk about concerns, issues, or unexpected challenges you may be experiencing with your new life as a parent.

Kylie’s role as a Birth Doula is all about you, your needs and what you want. Helping you to create a birth plan that incorporates the personalise preferences of you and your birth partner. Kylie will help you to understand birth and ways to remain relax during labour, so that you can make informed decisions and feel confident in your choices. 


Offering Post Partum Doula care, Kylie is also able to provide you with the service and knowledge you need during one of the biggest transitions of your home life. Whether you need a listening ear, an experienced mother’s perspective or maybe you just need a few hours’ sleep while your newborn is safely care for or you would like some quiet bonding time with baby while various household duties are taken care of. Whatever you need, it is Kylie's aim to ensure that after your visit you are left feeling calm, reassured and empowered.


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Free 15-min Phone


Have questions about a doula? Book in your free 15-min phone consultation with Kylie and see if she's the right doula for you and your birth partner.

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Postpartum Doula

Supporting parents during one of the biggest transitions in life. Consider purchasing a Postpartum Doula visit for a loved one you want to help.

Doula at Home

Birth Doula

Birth support that is customised to your preferences for you and your birth partner. Help for the physical, emotional and mental aspects of birth.

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