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The Positive Birth Place is a directory for parents to find services for pregnancy, birth and postnatal support in Gippsland. A place for connecting expecting mums and their partners to resources and support for a positive pregnancy and birth experience.


 See our list of Service Providers who are passionate and committed to maternal health and wellness

Quality brands and adorable styles for your babe.

Discover peace and balance in both mind and body.

Professional support and care for birth and postnatal.

Classes for a calm and empowering birth experience.

More than just a meal plan, postpartum recovery and holistic health.

Capturing smiles and hearts for memories to last a lifetime.

Supporting postnatal health and wellness.

Support and guidance for a good night sleep.

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Take time to relax. Care for

your mental and physical being.



The Positive

Birth Place

Welcome to The Positive Birth Place, your online destination for pregnancy, birth, and postnatal support. We're dedicated to educating soon-to-be parents about helpful services and connecting them with skilled practitioners.


Our mission is to help you achieve a positive experience throughout your journey to parenthood. From pregnancy to postnatal care, we provide a comprehensive directory of specialised services tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking prenatal classes, doula support, or nutritional assistance, The Positive Birth Place is your trusted source.


Join our community today to create a joyful and fulfilling birth experience, welcoming your new baby with excitement and confidence.


Parents recommend Hypnobirthing

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