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Why Choose Hypnobirthing?


Calm, Safe & Empowering

As a practitioner, I can provide you with a whole “toolbox” of tools to use during your pregnancy and labour. Self-hypnosis "meditation" tracks for deep relaxation, positive affirmations, visualisation techniques, light-touch massage and optimal birthing positions are all things I teach. Techniques such as these can provide you with the best chance of staying relaxed and feeling prepared for whatever path your birthing journey takes. Our relaxation practices allow your body to easily release all your natural hormones like oxytocin and endorphins during labour. Endorphines are said to be your body's natural painkillers and can be 20x more effective than morphine.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

My Hypnobirthing classes will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the practical side of birth. We discuss in detail how incredible and perfectly capable a woman’s body is to birth naturally with minimal to no medical interventions. I offer support in providing resources on where and how to get the help and information you need for your birthing journey. Delivering an understanding of what questions to ask your carers so that you can feel empowered by your choices.

Ultimately my classes will help to prepare you and your chosen partner for a positive birth. Labour and birth are like a marathon, and like any major physical activity, physical and mental preparation is key in endurance and achieving your desired results. Hypnobirthing will help to get you there.

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