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Courtney Hellings, Childbirth Educator & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

I am a childbirth educator and certified practitioner through Hypnobirthing Australia. I am "Mama" to three little

humans who came into this world using the incredible labour and birthing techniques my classes offer.


I am here to help you on your path to parenthood. To welcome your new baby through a positive labour and birth experience with much excitement, joy and fulfillment. 



Childbirth Classes
in Private or in a Group


Childbirth Classes

My classes will provide you and your birth partner with the knowledge, tools, and support you need in preparation for a positive birth. Click on the link below to view the Hypnobirthing Australia class outlined and see if it's right for you.


Info Sessions

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Info Sessions will be postponed until further notice. If you are interested in attending our next one, please email me below and I will notify you of the details.

Parents Recommend The Positive Birth Place




"Courtney approached each class with a very positive, welcoming attitude and was open to answer any questions you might. The course itself covered a wide range of topics and gives you access to a range of resources to look over and go back to as needed. The skills and knowledge we learnt during the classes has made us confident about achieving a happy and calm birth for our first baby!"


“As first time parents, having Courtney’s knowledge and advice really helped us before and during our birth. We learnt so much that we didn’t know and felt confident going into our labour with what she had taught us. She answered all of our questions we had in depth and eased any concerns. Such a lovely lady and we highly recommend partaking in this program!


"Both my partner Isaac and I are feeling confident, knowledgeable and informed about birth after completing our course with Courtney. The hypnobirthing approach has allowed us to let go of our fears around birth that have been drilled into us and feel empowered with useful and practical strategies going forward. The course allowed us to learn together and co-construct our birth preferences and understandings of our desired positive birth. We are feeling excited about our upcoming birth knowing we have all the tools in our toolkit to approach this experience confidently. We would highly recommend this course to any other couples who would like to learn about birth, hypnobirthing strategies and building a shared understanding between mother and birth partner."


"Our Hypnobirthing techniques were invaluable. I managed early labour at home overnight and until my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, things slowed a bit in the hospital but picked up later in the afternoon and I managed to bring this little one into the world with just some gas and air!

Thank you for all your guidance and education helping us prep for labour. What an experience! We definitely left without any negative feelings about our birth and felt really empowered to make decisions regarding our care. My partner, Jason, was amazing because of everything he had learnt too!

The midwives were really so amazing and fully embraced our Hypnobirthing. I felt so well supported especially when I was doubting myself.

I know I’ve already thanked you but honestly your education and support was invaluable."

First comes love.


"Do it for the Gram"